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There are several methods used to prevent food from spoilage. There are certain preservatives used to prevent food from spoiling. Now you may all be wondering what are in these preservatives that keep our food nice and edible. Well the answer to that question would be several different chemicals and compounds. You can also freeze and keep food cold to prevent spoilage but the reason some food’s shelf lives are so long and food is kept in perfect condition is the additives and preservatives the manufacturers add to the foods.
There are many different chemicals and compounds used in food preservation and each one serves its own purpose. One of the most known about preservative is none other than salt. The chemical formula for salt or sodium chloride is NaCl. Salt is used to draw out the moisture from foods such as meat. Nitrates and Nitrites (NO3 and NO2) are also used and they cure meat and provide that pink color. Another preservative we have all heard of is sugar or glucose. The chemical formula of sugar is C6H12O6. Sugar is used to preserve fruits in syrup or in a c...

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