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Romeo Ardimento 9745 7U AP Comparative Government Mr. Polazzo Pd. 7 Mini-Paper 1: American Government vs. British Government Neither the United States government nor that of the United Kingdom is ideal. Both systems are marred with serious problems that cripple their respective nations to some extent. Progress in Washington is often stifled by serious gridlock and partisanship is rampant. Relatively little has been done to stop blatantly corrupt practices such as bribery and gerrymandering. However, although the United States government is certainly flawed, it is relatively young and has evolved at an astonishing since the country declared independence in 1776. The British government on the other hand and is still a technically a monarchy. Britain has taken some baby steps towards actually having a true democracy, but until the royal family is no longer even slightly significant, their governmental system will always be inferior to that of the United States. In my mind Kate Middleton is no better than Kim Kardashian and should be no more respected. At least Kim Kardashian is beautiful and her husband is actually talented! Nobody should ever have the right to rule by birth. Although I believe that President Barack Obama is a much better leader than Prime Minister David Cameron, at least Cameron and his peers in parliament earned the positions that they are currently lucky enough to have. Queen Elizabeth II may only be a mere figurehead, but she has relatively pitiful credentials and represents the entire United Kingdom and the other commonwealth realms! She like the rest of her family was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has not had to earn very much. Obama on the other hand was raised by a single mother and had to wo... ... middle of paper ... ...government, which often means trouble. In the United States both of our legislative houses are directly elected, however in Britain the House of Lords is largely appointed. Britain simply isn’t as democratic as the United States. All in all both government systems are not all that different. Both are actually pretty terrible. Money dominates American politics and the poor are treated like dirt. America and Britain have been imperialist nations and capitalism is dominant in both countries. Although I am not advocating for Socialism, both countries would benefit from more of a mixed economy. The main problem that I have with the government in the United Kingdom is that they still have people worshipping a monarch in the 21st century. Britain is a beautiful country with great culture, however they need to let go of their monarchy even if it is “constitutional”.

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