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Methods Observation Research over a one, two hour period and interview, will be the main methods this research will be conducted. Observation research will allow field notes to be developed which will give an understanding into the methods used by teachers to teach reading effectively in a primary school setting. It will also help me become a better teacher to primary school students on the topic of reading as I will have a deeper understanding. The reason for the selection of the methods is, they will allow validity and reliability for past arguments on how to teach reading effectively and the professional development done by teachers to enhance student’s reading skills. I will use qualitative research to develop a deeper understanding into why reading is so important and to learn the skills primary school students develop. Allen (2007) states “Qualitative research can be characterised as descriptive research that aims to develop personal understandings and research accounts” (p. 20). Findings Observation My observation took place at Sunshine North Primary School. The opportunity to take notes on three students at random complete Fountas and Pinnell assessment testing enable the researcher to develop a detail record. Fountas & Pinnell (2010) stated, their guide to planning literacy instruction is a powerful implement that support teachers. From my records I can support Graham et al (2012) theory of one-dimensional model. Furthermore, the record can also support Flint, Kitson, Lowe & Shaw (2014) ideas around students who struggle with reading and how they are a year or more behind. It is apparent from my observation findings it supports majority of the past research that was explained and elaborat... ... middle of paper ... ... The second interview was done with a literacy coach. They had a long teacher history and a indepth understanding into the literacy topic of reading which I expected. They express their opinion on why reading was so important, by stating it was a gateway to living. Both interviewees felt reading is an important part of everyday like and we are involved with reading. In addition, she felt that students lack meaning and are just decoding words. Liedtke & Schulze (2013) supports my interviewees argument on the importance of understanding the comprehension of words. They state “means that one has to distinguish between different types of inferences from the perceived sign-material to the interpretation of this material” (Liedtke & Schulze, p.11 2013). Therefore, students must understand the comprehension of words so that they can understand the meaning of the text.
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