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One of the topics was the use of the modern social imaginary, and how it plays a role in society. This idea was discussed and shown by Taylor in many ways and is important to his argument. A social imaginary is defined as the ways that people imagine our existence, how we organize and interact with other, along with the expectations we have. Taylor tries to explain that a social imaginary is not the same as theory; this is because a minority possesses theory and conversely the majority if not all possesses the imaginary. The imaginary allows for common practices, ideas and a sense of legitimacy. The social imaginary gives light to sub-groupings of a moral order, an unspoken contract and natural human rights. The modern moral order is defined through our actions and how “good” we are. The order demonstrates that as long as we work towards what society defines as the common good we will be closer to God. This moral order gives the air of the unspoken contract. The social imaginary has a normative function being from a young age children are taught how to behave in society. There are expectations for what is acceptable and what is not. As we grow older these unspoken rules become harsher because we ought to know right from wrong. Our ideas of right and wrong are based on whether or not it benefits the common good that is defined by society. As of now the common good is defined, as we are able to go as far as our natural rights allow us but as soon as it infringes another’s then it becomes unacceptable. Social imaginary shows the idea of consent through the natural rights, for example at what point is a child able to make decisions for themselves, or at what point is an adult unfit to make the decisions any more. Taylor argues that t... ... middle of paper ... ...ave made or what their parents have made and passed down to them. This is important because it speaks of racial discrimination. Because of this discrimination the Muslims will never be able to integrate with the European society. The Europeans have created a social imaginary and it is based on what was passed down to them, acceptance to the culture by others and felling comfortable themselves. That humans, cannot be separated from their history because it is essential to who they are. This is challenging because I have never thought of this topic in such a way. I did not think that the factors that Asad claims were a part of the integration of societies. This gives a new light to how I see the world of why integration is so hard, and this plays in more than just Europe. This problem is in America, the school systems the work place and the community

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