final reflection

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From the beginning of the year until now, I have developed new skills that I can apply to future situations.This year I developed my digital photography skills to prepare myself for AP photography, I have acquired and strengthen my grammar skills, and have made progress my oral presentation skills. At the beginning of the year I had bad traits such as immaturity and lacked full understanding of how important being successful, in all of my classes, will affect my future.
In photography 2, my teacher encouraged me to focus on developing my digital photography skills. Examples of this are, setting your camera to different settings depending on conditions, and using Photoshop to enhance images. In photography 1, I focused on film photography, developing film, working the film camera, and enlarging the negative. At the time, I did not realize the importance of developing my digital camera skills. Initially I thought everything would be or could be done in film. My first assignment in September, was light painting. Light painting requires a digital camera. I was really frustrated at first ...
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