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There has been an increase in the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The number of children on medication for ADHD has grown from 600,000 in 1990 to 3.5 million in 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even though it seems that there is an over-medication of ADHD drugs, there is actually an under-medication since a significant number of Americans cannot afford the treatment they require. Brand name (also called branded, innovator, and pioneered) ADHD drugs and their generic versions (usually called “equivalents”) vary greatly in price. In order for patients and costumers to have affordable ADHD drugs, generic drug versions of ADHD drugs, need to be more available. For this reason, I propose that Shire Pharmaceuticals, an innovator drug manufacturer, should enter the generic industry and, furthermore make a contract with CVS Caremark to supply and promote the discounted generics for people who hold a CVS membership. Obtaining an ADHD prescription medication depends on a variety of factors. A consumer must have access to a doctor with prescribing privileges and must be able to get any test necessary to determine which drug he/she should be given. He or she must have either a health plan, along with the means to pay for the product out-of-pocket, as well as the ability to travel to a pharmacy to purchase the product or to obtain it from a mail-order pharmacy using either the postal system or the Internet (Annals of Health Law 2010). However, many individuals lack insurance or are insured with health plans that do not cover the outpatient prescription drugs they need and cannot afford (National Center for Biotechnology Inf... ... middle of paper ... ...ication at chain stores (Walid 2009). Moreover, large chain pharmacies may hurt small independent pharmacies. The large chain pharmacies could use discount programs to drive competitors out of business and then recover their losses by raising prices. However, this generic drug programs can be seen as competition that will allow smaller pharmacies to take action as well in finding ways to make the ADHD drugs more available to those who truly need them. However if action is taken, hundreds of people will benefit from having ADHD drugs available for them. The goal of my reform proposals is to improve the access and affordability of ADHD drugs. Shire needs to employ strategies to enhance the success and competitiveness of their ADHD products. By doing so, they will not only benefit financially, but also serve the people who truly need the drugs, but cannot afford them.

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