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In health field every organization has customers, clients, or constituents who importantly reflect on how the work is accomplished and received. It is extremely important and critical responsibility of every organizational leader who is involved in health-related decision-making, to conduct and manage community engagement activities. The community engagement process simply means to achieve common goals, working with and through constituents. The basic rules of community engagement process are to put forth efforts in communicating with community leaders and members who have diverse backgrounds, values, priorities, and concerns. It is at this point that the principles and organizing concepts in the retrospect of community engagement come together with real-world activities ("Health Systems |", n.d., Para1-4).
According to ("Health Systems |", n.d., Para1-4).
The relationships between communities, constituencies and decision makers can be complex and challenging at the same time. A productive relationship between decision makers and those who are influenced by decisions can lead to exciting, positive and workable outcomes. However, when the above mentioned relationships breakdown processes can become combative and outcomes can be put at risk and compromised. The most important factor to have successful relationship is establishing clear objectives and parameters for any engagement program with stakeholders and community interests. This can include handling expectations in account to the ability to influence future options and decision making processes. Working in diverse setting and on varying scope and scale projects, it is vital to go an extra mile to effectively engage with the di...

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