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With class Eng 201 Business writing I gained a good experience and good preparing to get involved in the business market in professional way. The experience that I gained will give me the opportunity to expand on my qualification. However, we experienced business writing by writing several papers such as; resume and Cover letter, Research Project and Proposal, website recommendation memo, and Marketing plan.
At the first, we had resume and cover letter assignment. I learned how to search a job that is relevant to my strength and skills. The resume and cover letter are making a first impression to my potential employer since I’m not speaking physically for myself. However, I learned how to provide a positive impression while I’m communicating my strength and skills to my potential employer. Therefore, from resume assignment I learned how to introduce myself to my potential employer by writing a summary about myself, and then list my experience with a proper description of each job. At the end I listed my education certificate. With cover letter, I learned how to write a cover letter to the person who in charge for hiring employees by introduce myself and provide a background in details by choosing my words wisely and show tangible outcome that I have accomplished. At the end of the cover letter, write a closing the letter by thanking the person kindly.
Second assignment was research report and proposal to the administration. This assignment was about how to improve any project by searching about the weakness in the project and description of my main objectives of the project. I learned how to collect data and how to meet with stockholders and what resources are required to complete the potential changes. Absolutely, learning what...

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...est in this assignment, but it need more practice in the future especially while I’m intending to pursue my master degree in Marketing.
In conclusion, at the end of this course I’m able to see the big image of the class. I found this class has objectives designed in very professional way for students to explore the concepts of communication in business world. I like in this course that we were building the assignment gradually. For example, write the introduction and then get the feedback, which helps me a lot to improve my paper. This class has inspires me and widen my gaze for many keys for successful career. Therefore, as long as I gained these successful elements to help me in my career and I grasped the main concepts of this course I believe I deserve at least A- for this class because of the knowledge that I gained and I grasped the objectives of this course.

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