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Stand by Me and The Body is based on are same story but introduce in two different version. The body is a book version and it is written by Stephen King and there is a movie created based on the same story. The story is about four boys going on a hunt to find a dead body so they could come in television. This adventure bond their friendship together and by end of the day they all learned something. I have watched the movie and read the book too. I have found there are many things in the movie that was similar to the book, however there are many important scenes that is not included in the movie. I strongly believed that the movie could have been better if they have looked at the small important aspects of the books. There are many similarities and differences between movie and the book.
There are many similarities between book and the movie. People who were working on this movie tried really hard to followed the stories. For example, The scene where a Gordie sees a deer in the morning when everybody was asleep. This events happens in both versions and It is what I have imagine if it was in real life. There are other scenes in the movie and books which are similar. Second example, When Chris asked Gordie to tell a story, Goordie tells the same stories by the fireside in both movie and the book. The scene where Hogan goes into the stage and eat a pie nonstop and even beats a 4th time winner Bill. The characters that who have played a role of Lard Ass Hogan had his role perfectly. It has perfectly match how book has describe the story of Hogan. Additionally, The leeches scene where all four boys had in their body sucking blood after they enter the water. the scene where leeches stuck under Gordie underwear and blood in his hand ...

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...ody was laid on the ground. In the movies where boys sees the dead body hand, however that didn’t happen in the book.
There were many similarities and differences between book and the movie. I usually find movie better, but for this I like the book better because it was some events that make much more interesting which was not included in the movie. I didn’t liked watching the movie because we watched after we read a book. Well watching a movie, I knew what is going to happened next which makes it less interesting to watched. I may have choose movie because I can see physically without reading out and imagining. I believe that I would still prefer to read a book because it is more interesting. I would recommend readers to read the book first because it has cover all those little events however, movie also was very good and cover most of the scene from the book.
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