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Data To manage an organization you need a lot of courage and need to be brave to run a big organization that is respected all over the world. In order to run such business like, apple where you have huge amount of data to go over everyday. Using quantative data makes it easier to understand. Quantative Data is a data that is used in information that can be communicated in numbers. Some examples of quantative data are such as: work hours, attendees in events, or location of the certain area. In order to help mange organizations there are several ways to use quantative data. For business, quantative data is mainly used to keep track of their products. It is also used for employees; where it is used to monitor employee’s salaries. It’s also used to maintain the disciplinary of inconsistent workers who don’t get their work done on time. Quantative data helps management function better, it keep tracks of what the workers are doing on their daily basis, such as how much of product the workers produces over period of time. For Example: Companies like HP and Dell Where they keep track of their products in order to meet their deadlines and, in order to function better as a company. The advantages and disadvantages of using quantative data are to mange, an organization. The advantage of using the quantative data in managing an organization is to makes it easier to follow a data. Especially, in businesses putting together data into chart or table allows it to makes it easier to follow. If it’s not put in graph or in tables it will be complicated to understand. Another, advantage of using data to mange is that it can be shown in large amount and this can give a lot of more information. But, even with having advantages t... ... middle of paper ... ...when customers are trying to buy gifts for the loved ones. The strategy is very well done it gains a lot of revenues and their stocks goes up too. There is also the other side too low of company. Over the years apple hasn’t really had their lows as a company. But over the couple of year’s apple “Apple Inc. has seen their bottom line shrink from $41.7B USD to $37.0B USD despite an increase in revenues from $156.5B USD to $170.9B USD.”(Investing business week). Bottom line of apple is that last couple of years there presenting the same product with little enhancement which is good but isn’t getting a lot of attention of customers. In order to get attention of customers need to make better products that will be easier to use. This is why trend analysis is really important because it shows how a company is doing over the year. In Order, to procure data there are a lot

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