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“To lie low before God, as in the dust, that I might be nothing, and that God might be all” (Edwards, 1720). The thought process that comes to mind is the belief in God almighty. Christianity as a religion, has fought the perils and onslaught of many fellow men, in which it has remained grounded on one principle, God almighty is the creator of all things and through his son Jesus Christ salvation can only be granted.
America was founded by individuals seeking freedom from the perils and persecutions of their previous government. Many came seeking fortune and freedom, with the idea of a better life. However, trials and great tribulations ended mankind’s dreams and hopes all in one gasp, death. Survival of the fittest or nature’s way of only the strong will survive, was the lay of the land. To understand a new beginning human beings from all walks of life must find a belief in something, to help cope with daily struggles.
For Christians the belief in God is what keeps them grounded. Imagine the hardships endured during these difficult times in American history, the British and the English, as well as the Spanish, fighting over too whom has control. For Jonathan Edwards as a philosophical theologian, even in these trying times found, “beauty and harmony in these surroundings and played a critical role in shaping the first Great Awakening” (MacDermott, 2009). He identified with others and understood self-peace must be brought to the forefront to offer a solace existence. While others may argue religion is only used to control a mass existence.
In today’s time this quote resonates well as in previous times. Individuals who seek God first and lay down their lives, as in forget the past and give their time and energy to the Lord, will ...

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...o The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, “Choctaw Indian Nation traces its ancestry to Mississippi and some sections of Alabama. Legends tell that the Choctaw people originated from "Nanih Waya", a sacred hill near what is now known as Noxapter, Mississippi” (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, n.d.). If history is not taught then Indians in the Choctaw Nation may forget their past. Imagine an Indian or individual for that matter whom forgets their roots. Like in the Choctaws identifying with “Nanih Waya” if information like this is lost, then a whole society will be lost.
Looking ahead into the future we must never forget the past. By studying history in all its endeavor’s; the good the bad and the ugly, mankind must forge ahead. Just like Jonathan Edwards, Christians across this vast world have studied history, to be called a Christian one has accepted the Lord as their savior!

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