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Maya Angelou once stated, "Does my haughtiness upset you?" She directed this quote to the male audience who in the current era had complete dominance over females. Feminism has been a prevalent issue since the late 18th century, but with small and gradual steps, women are slowly rising in their status by proving their worth to society. For decades, women have been undermined as frail beings that are incapable of thinking on their own and must be subservient to their husbands. The primary jobs of females were to bear children and be items for sexual purposes. For many generations, femininity was equated with nurturing, sex, and elegance, contrasted by masculinity, which was equated with dominance and rationality. However, women have proven to be adept in many fields such as the arts and literature. After centuries of conforming to the rules of society, women have now taken the opportunity to rebel and follow their own desires.
For centuries feminism was a prevalent issue that had not been brought to the attention of the public. It was not until the pre-modern era that women have taken action in regaining control over their own lives. Modernism was a movement that led to mass changes in literature and art in the late 19th century. Most of the writers and painters were males meaning any females who attempted to work in these fields would be condemned in society. During this time, the male writers and artists spread ideas of freedom and equality. However, the ironic thing is that even though freedom was a key topic, males continually suppressed women. Apparently, freedom did not apply to just anyone. Eventually women began to become fed up with the situation they were in and decided to take bold steps in fighting against the unfair ...

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...ight to Daisy’s character because it shows that Daisy is no fool herself however, she imitates one in order to fit the norm of society. By playing the role of a foolish woman, Daisy is able to remain oblivious to the infidelity of her husband and maintain her marriage. Similarly, her child will be able to live an easy life by marrying a man for his status and wealth than for true love. This shows how much Daisy truly cares for the child at the same time revealing her cowardly nature.
Modernism had a significant impact on society and, as a result, a definite part in shaping gender roles in literature. The contributions of feminist writers and painters of that era like Pan Yuliang, Suzanne Voladon, and Kate Chopin proved to the public the talents and potential females had in various fields of literature and art. Thus, the pre modern era was a landmark to feminism.
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