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The definition of feminism can be tricky. What is it exactly? Are we talking about those hippies or Hilary Clinton? Society has created this stereotypical image of feminist and what they have provided whether it is positive or negative. I could not really tell you what a feminist is because I feel as if I have been told so many different things, but as I read through the articles I began to see feminism in a different light, I saw that it is much more than just rights. It is about confidence and the perseverance to go on and continue the fight regardless of what others say.
In Valenti’s article, “You’re a Hardcore Feminist, I Swear”, she discusses how feminist have the reputation of being against almost everything and coming off as being crazy, out dated, old women. According to the Washington Times, “28% of American’s consider themselves to be feminist, 72% do not” (Harper). Society still view feminist like they were 30 years ago, but times have changed. Even questioning the righteousness of a male co-worker receiving a higher paying job or being denied birth control, could justify as being a feminist. But she wants to address that problem and show that is not the case. She defines feminism as a movement that will give women and girls a confident boost that will allow them to accept themselves for who they are, not the cookie cutter shapes society has presented to us. She believes that feminism is live and active within society stating, “And if feminism isn’t dead, it’s equally often accused of being outdated. Or a failure. Or unnecessary. But if feminism is dead, then why do people have to keep on killing it?” (Valenti 11). Which brings up a very valid point, if feminism is “dead” then why beat a dead horse? Feminism is still a...

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...’t what it used to be, extremist or old women, it is just basic things that should be available to women without even questioning if it is right or wrong, like the ability to get a job or given birth control. She is a strong believer in confidence and destroying the imagine places for women, we should be able to do and be whatever we want without worrying about what others think or what society believes as being right or wrong. Hook has a valid point when she says that we all have a common enemy, sexism, and by all having that common enemy the fight against it may possibly be won. In my other articles I saw that Hook and Valenti are correct, the battle against the stereotypical feminist still exist, whether it is what they are doing to hurt society or how it may in fact be long gone. Feminism in my eyes will forever be within us as women, whether we know it or not.
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