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There have been many court cases and debates over the teaching of evolution in schools. The argument isn’t only from Christians, but also from school officials, scientist and parents. For more than eighty years, people have fought for evolution to be taught properly, if at all. Some fight for equal treatment; some want disclaimers placed on textbooks; while some fight for what should be included in textbooks. The courts hold the decisions on what is allowed and what is not. When the people of America fight for equal treatment, freedom to teach, or critical thinking, they are shot down in the name of religion. The law doesn’t allow teaching creationism, sitting separation of church and state, but this law is not being defined correctly. Creationism is science, and evolution could be considered a religion. Both creationism and evolution should be taught in schools, because textbooks and teachers are censored and biased when teaching just evolution in the class room.
The courts rule against the teaching of creationism in the classroom, saying the First Amendment calls for separation of church and state. This term is used quite often and is taken out of context and not defined correctly. It is twisted by a secular society to suit its needs. To find the true meaning, we need to look at the origins of the term. Thomas Jefferson was the first to speak of separation of church and state, in a letter to the Danbury Baptist. During this time, the government held controlled of churches. Our founding fathers feared a church ran by the state, as they were trying to get away from the churches of European history. Jefferson made the statement in reference to getting the church to be governed by itself, and not so that religion would not be a par...

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...dents, so they understand. While others don’t think, evolution is an important part of biology. However, other teachers feel the need to teach Creationism, mostly because they believe in Creation and reject evolution. These teachers believe strongly that both sides should be presented.
In conclusion, I think students will have a more rounded education if the complete facts are allowed to be presented in the classroom. The law needs to be considerate of both theories and interpret them in the best interest of everyone. Creationism can be considered science just as evolution can; while creationism can be considered religion, just as evolution is religion. Teachers and textbooks need to be able to include both theories in a classroom without bias. Both should be taught so the student can choose for themselves and develop an educated opinion and not a one- sided view.
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