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When we think of the Roman Empire, we think of a once dominant, almighty empire which widely influenced the present world remarkably. In ancient times, the Romans were considered as advanced people much ahead of their time. Unquestionably, they were the most precocious and ingenious civilization of mankind. The Romans fabricated many vital systems, and were also adept through military means, while ruling fairly and effectively. It was for these reasons that the Ancient Romans earned the title and reputation for being the most civilized and sophisticated society throughout all of human history. The Romans were highly regarded as masters of engineering. Roman engineering led to the building of some remarkable engineering feats that have survived to this day throughout western Europe - be they roads, theaters, baths or Hadrian’s Wall. Engineering was used as a way of improving the lifestyle of the Romans even on day-to-day issues such as a frequent water supply (Trueman). That said, when a nation uses the art of engineering, a profound skill that is hard to reach profi...

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