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Social promotion claim that promotion is carried out in order not to damage the students' or their classmates' confidence, to encourage socialization by age, to expedite student participation in sports teams, or to promote a student who is weak in one subject on the basis of strength in other capacities. The choice to promote a student from grade to grade in spite of their lack of academic achievement has been controversial for decades Supporters for social promotion debate that keeping a student back does nothing for their imminent academic achievement and is not cost effective. Detractors against promotion say it drives the wrong message about being rewarded without working. And, they say, teachers have to expend extra time with an unprepared student, which in turns sets the student up for failure. Instead of social promotion, some states have went in to the direction of standardized testing in order to find out if a students is truly ready to advance to the next level. However, standardized testing has also been highly controversial and a highly debated topic. Standardized tests are designed to allow us to associate the performance of students in a comparatively well-organized way. While each state’s implementation and use of standardized tests has its criticizers, there are some people that agree that testing is a measure of how a student fairs in comparison to other students. They also agree that high standards are a well-intentioned goal. One of the pros of standardized testing is that it holds teachers and schools liable. The ultimate advantage of standardized testing is that teachers and schools are held accountable for teaching students everything they need to know for these standardized tests. The reason for this is bec... ... middle of paper ... ...are hold these students from reaching their potential because of the implications associated with these test. By teachers only teaching the test, the student hits a ceiling as to what is supposed to be learned in classes. Generally, the school system put pressure on the schools to excel at these test to cover up their inability to prepare students for the next level of education. In conclusion, standardized testing should not hold much weight when evaluating a student’s abilities. Just like social promotion, standardized testing can be unfair to not only the student, but to the teachers who are forced to teach the test for job security. Instead, states should come up with a system that evaluates each and every students for an entire year. This will truly provide the state with honest numbers and not inflated statistics due to the stresses of standardized testing.

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