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LEAD Strategically Marketing Yourself Assignment for CCM Majors
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Reflecting on where you are and where you want to go is a professional life skill that will serve you as you move through your education and your professional path. This Strategically Marketing Yourself assignment is designed to have you practice the skill of self-reflection and future planning in order to prepare you for you sophomore review with your faculty advisor this semester. This activity is also a helpful tool which can be used now and in the future when you are preparing for an interview, performance review, or in a meeting with a supervisor to talk about professional growth and advancement opportunities. We hope you will take the time to reflect on your experiences and aspirations.
Instructions: For all responses you are required to write a narrative that includes personal examples that support your response. The criteria are in place to guide a thoughtful and thorough response. Thinking about your career path is an important step in becoming a successful professional.

Your Information:
Name: Nakita Floyd
Date: January 29, 2014
Major: Professional Writing
Your Present
Which classes seem to be most enjoyable and feel “right” to you and which classes are more challenging? For both please explain why?
I like my major classes the best. Things like poetry and creative writing. They are what I enjoy most just because that is what I want to do. I do like some of the COR classes too, but not as much. That said, I think they are what is hard for me. Maybe for the same reason the others aren’t.

What are two of your current strengths in relation to your intended caree...

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...flecting on your goals for the future, and your current strengths and challenges, what specific questions do you have for your faculty advisor?
What kind of internships can I get with my major?

For your Career Advisor, what career topics would you like to see offered in seminars or learn more about?
Poetry books, magazine writing, that type of thing.

Thank you for completing your reflection.

To complete LEAD 202: Strategically Marketing Yourself, please complete the following steps:
Proofread your assignment to make sure you have answered each question completely and with minimal to no spelling or grammar mistakes to ensure it meets the criteria of the rubric which can be found in Canvas.
Save your assignment as First Name Last Name_Major.doc or docx
Example: DaphneWalker_DFM.doc
Submit your assignment in Canvas.
Complete the LEAD 202 Feedback survey in Canvas.

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