fast food, fast calories

Fast Food, Fast Calories

Unfortunately, the impact on our health from fast foods has been very shocking and diseases are rising quickly within the past few years. Numerous households rely on convenient and easily accessible restaurants and prefer eating fast food over cooking a healthy meal at home. It may even attribute to apathy and it’s seriously leading people to have their blood pressures explode sky high, causing various illnesses and trouble to the body. Obesity is one of them and has become a public health problem in most nations (Mandal). What people fail to consider is that frequent consumption of fast food is harmful in multiple ways: the alarming increase of medical problems in America is due to the fast food industry’s unhealthy preparation of food, easily accessible and convenient locations throughout the country, and falsely advertised nutrition.

Fast foods are addictive, delectable, and relatively affordable, but are they necessarily as healthy as they are advertised to be? Like what Greenhaven press has mentioned, Medical professionals argue that excessive amounts of unhealthy food are sold by using tempting messages that reinforce overeating (11). Fast foods contain countless harmful elements, and the only "benefit" it provides is the illusion of being "full." One problem with junk foods is that they're low in satiation value, which can lead to overeating (Magee). Not only is it not actually filling, but it's convenience can also tempt one to turn around and order again, which aids in increasing the intake of calories. The more one consumes, the higher the intake of calories,

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have been known to affect the immune system (Gutierrez). It can lead to various diseases and infection that not only affects adults, but younger children as well. Especially obesity, which is the biggest factor and concern in society. Many people are overeating and the amount of calories recommended are way under what regular amount to them is. Besides health, the alert of food safety is also important. Consuming food that contains bacteria is not a very wise action and it’s better to avoid it by not eating at fast food restaurants or junk foods in general, since it’s prepared quickly without checking twice, making sure the food is able to be served. It’s not worth risking eating unhealthy and unnecessary food because it’s affordable and quick. In the end, health is the most important and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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