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Houses for sale in Alexandria, VA: the best homes in the local: Alexandria, VA is one of the most exotic cities in the world and it is of no doubt that anyone who want settle down in such a lovely location. This is a place where people can find a lot of new job opportunities. It does not matter if someone wants to relocate to Alexandria for job, family or anything else, the city has unlimited options in terms of houses. The best part is that anyone who visits Alexandria will fall in love with the city due to the elegance the place. People will definitely feel proud to be a part of the charming city. When it comes to the neighborhoods in the Alexandria, there are many in the location. The two major neighbor hoods are Cameron Station and Silver Springs. Silver Springs has many nearby amenities like top-rated public and private schools, a well-known regional park, George Washington memorial and boutique shopping. On the other hand, Carmen station has a invigorated Army base which features wonderful homes. The community here is wonderful so that the people will have friendly neighbors an...

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