fake is the new "real"

You don’t feel like you are pretty enough? Don’t worry I’m here to help you become more of a Barbie.
Now that you have been introduced to the real world, where everyone wants to be the hottest and strives to be perfect, there is no actual limit on how fake you can become. Just ask role model, Valeria Lukyanova, a real life person that looks like the legit Barbie. Someone who eats less than a normal girl believes the way she looks inspires other people to improve their appearance, and live a more active, creative life.
Trust me girls, even if you think you’re ugly, there is still some hope for you. For example, the unfortunate looking Mia Thermopolis from the movie (Princess Diary’s) found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. There was no way that her grandmother was going to allow her to look like a complete mess in front of the entire country. She was turned into a pretty young lady and taught to act like a princess. If Mia can do it… you can too! (Princess Diary’s)
There is always room for perfection, it just depends on your personal desire, and I am here to help you become the most fakest people around town.
1. When you look good, you feel good.
Designer clothes make you feel good and look hotter than everyone else. Before you start to feel bad about the fact that your jeans don’t look quite as cool as your favorite “celeb”, consider to change your life right then and there. Don’t walk around wearing your new Kohl’s pants and Target sweatshirt, you WILL be judged. People hold other people in higher regard simply if they’re wearing clothes with designer label. Hilary Duff doesn’t walk around in her 40 dollar jeans… wake up! She’s wearing Prada, Guess, and another brand name that you don’t have in your cl...

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... to be discussed is act like a “Mean girl.” Just act like Regina George, she has power. She knows everything about everyone and is really intimidating. Regina is always ready with an insult. If someone is trying to give you a hard time, give them a harder time back.
Regina George stopped her “friend” in the hallway with the vintage skirt and told her she loved it and then she turned around and made a puking noise. This gave her all the power in the world because she thinks Regina is nice and actually likes her. But in reality, Regina just wanted to acquire all the power and make people think that she’s perfect (Mean Girls).
A pretty face can be a source of lifelong advantages, while being unattractive is a source of disadvantage. Nothing is better than being perfect. So why not just follow these six easy steps to becoming a Barbie and you’ll have perfect life.

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