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There are many similarities between Bob Marley’s songs and the Biblical book of Exodus. Bob Marley’s songs “Exodus” and “Africa Unite” connect his tribulations and dissatisfaction with his life with the Biblical book of Exodus while his seemingly aloneness and his tribulations throughout his life seem to connect with Moses. The Biblical book of Exodus begins more than 400 years after Joseph; his brothers and the pharaoh he once served have all died. Egypt is under a new leadership that is threatened by Jacobs’s descendants. The new leaders embark on a crusade to subjugate the Israelites, forcing them into slavery and eventually declaring that all Hebrew boys must be killed at birth in the Nile River. However, there was one Hebrew mother that refused to obey this law. Instead of killing her son in the Nile, she set him afloat on the river in a papyrus basket (2:1-3). The Pharaoh’s daughter found the abandoned child and raised him as her own. She named him Moses (2:10). Moses was aware of his Hebrew roots, and one day he killed an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite worker. Terrified, Moses fled to Midian where he met a priest named Jethro. Moses married his daughter and began a new life as a shepherd. God was still concerned with the suffering Israelites and appeared to Moses as a burning bush (3:2). God spoke to Moses and told him of this plan to return the Israelites to Canaan, which God describes as “a land flowing with milk and honey” and sent Moses to accomplish this task (3:8). Moses and his newly appointed brother, Aaron, returned to Egypt where Moses organized the Israelites and confronted the Pharaoh, demanding the release of the Hebrew people. Moses performed a miracle by turning his staff into a snake. However, the ph... ... middle of paper ... ...e in the sense that some people feel that they have found another Moses in Marcus Garvey. Marley states “to see the unification of all Africans” and “cause the children wanna come home, Africa unite.” These two phrases seem to refer to the people that moved out of Babylon in the book of Exodus. Marley uses many comparisons to the biblical book of Exodus as well as come phrases that refer to Rastafarianism. He seems to have a mixed culture that refers to not only Christianity, but, mysticism and Black Nationalism as well. There seems to be connections through out his music that do point to the biblical book of Exodus. Decoding these messages, however, seems to be very difficult. This is because Marley does not base his songs on one specific religion or culture. I think this gives Marley an edge in the music industry because this way, his music appeals to more people.
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