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Personally I really like the film I believe that what the film is about is basically going after whatever moves you.

I am almost certain that the way I see Mr. Brain Wash is not the way most of the people see him. While it's true that by the end of the film we are not sure if he is a real artist or not, at the same time we can understand the "secret" of his overnight success. Thierry Guetta is a daredevil, he is fearless, he needs a motivation and freedom at the same time as he said in the documentary. At the begging of the movie I see him as a very curious guy but very smart as well. You can say that he wasn't very honest from the beggining by selling fake "designer" clothes at thousand dollars but at the same time I believe he was thinking...let's try this, and who am I to say that's not designer...after all what means designer it's nothing else thab unique clothes...and he was right by categorizing those clothes as Designer because it was true- they were unique. Throughout the movie I see him as a very focused person first with his clothing store - selling designer. Then when he got his camera - religiously filming every minute and even sometimes becoming a paparazzi. I believe that when he started filming his cousin Space Invader he was attracted to his lifestyle... so different than his. After all he was just a father with a family and his family movies. As he said in the interview he felt the rush, the adrenaline of the moment, and he had to film that with the same passion-almost obssesion just like everything else. As he started meeting more and more artists I think that he started to feel accepted. He started to admired this guys who were breaking the law, painting walls, running from the police. What he started as just...

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...hen been interviewed: he doesn't know how to stop - just like with filming.

So I really like that his first show was a success selling almost a million. I believe nobody really believe that was going to be the outcome... For some reason everyone was waiting for a failure. So it was a joke how a overnight artist - like he said - was so successful. It was a joke that a guy who was just a shadow of the street art artists became this well known and demanded artist up to the point that his artwork was all around the world. I never see Thierry as a advantageous person because yes he made a million but also he gave out 300 art pieces to the first people showing to his expo, and I see that as he been grateful to them by trusting him even just for curiosity but they showed up, and that mean the world to Thierry.

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