The Ideal Knight In examining the ideal knighthood as presented in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is conveyed by showing modesty, faithfulness, honor, loyalty, and respect as an individual. The additional knights are portrayed as manly only with weapons and armor. I view an ideal knight to be distinguished, brave and courageous. Sir Gawain expresses that knights should be "" (line ). Sir Gawain demonstrates his responsibilities as a knight by showing the some of the key examples of an ideal knight. Although he was not the textbook definition of a perfect knight, he still reveals many of the important characteristics of one. Sir Gawain is an ideal knight by taking on the important duty of defending and protecting the King. He took on the responsibility to surrender or sacrifice his life for the king, which clearly shows his bravery and courageousness. He proves his devotion to the king by accepting the Green Knight's test. Sir Gawain is prepared to sacrifice himself by striking the Green Knight while being aware that in a year and one day, he will receive the same retaliation from the Green Knight's ax. If Sir Gawain denied this test, the respect and reputation of King Arthur would be mocked by the Green Knight and would put his status and kingdom in question. He wasn't scared to commit to the Green Knight and sacrifice himself in his obligation to protect the king. He displays his devotion in nobility and is defended many others by his acts of humility. Sir Gawain successfully accomplished in his responsibility in being an ideal knight by showing his true courage. It is hard to say anyone has ever been a completely "ideal" knight or even any person rather, no one is perfect, but he definitely encompasses many of the attributes ... ... middle of paper ... ...nd game playing. Sir Gawain and the temptress results in him losing his moral innocence, consequently he then expresses that he failed himself personally and in his knighthood. He stops viewing himself as a great chivalric knight. All of the expectations and standards everyone expected to be exemplified in an ideal knight. This failure does not include the agreements and expectations of The King and Lord. I believe that he does live up to the code of chivalry in some aspects. Sir Gawain possesses self-discipline when he was being tempted with desire and pleasure by Bertilak's spouse. He possesses great courage, faithfulness and devotion to his lord or king. And he displays true honesty when he told the truth about his injury wound. All of these characteristics show how honorable and honest Sir Gawain is and how I view him to be an ideal knight as well as chivalrous.
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