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Darwin believed that humans evolved over time. While his wife, Emma, believed that God was the creator of all of the living organisms on Earth. Their contrasting views are what worried Emma that ultimately Darwin wouldn’t go to heaven with her, thus separating them for eternity. The fact Darwin had a change in the view in the origin of species, made the couple uncomfortable when discussing their opinions. However in today’s society, about half of the American population accepts Darwin’s theories and the other half discards it. The theories Darwin generated from his studies, have been a subject of debate among scientists. The article Evolution in Action discusses the phenomenon happening right before our eyes. Changes in biology are happening continuously, and as a direct result changes can be noted without having to wait a long time to be aware of the transformations. Although, many are divided on their acceptance of Darwin’s theories, there has been evidence of natural selection. . Several species have been studied by biologists and enthusiasts and revealed significant evidence of ...
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