everyday use

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Everyday Use Reading “ Everyday Use” made this family seem as if they were a southern lower class family with a mom and two daughters. Mama, which is the head of the family, also the is the narrator of “Everyday Use” which is the one who allows Dee to be put on the pedestal, Dee is also, the Golden girl, who pretty much was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Dee felt as if she was entitled to everything! Her family never told her different either. Maggie, which is the black sheep of the family, who didn’t get the education or actually anything for that matter. Most families have these types of problems in their family’s. More 5,488 families in North America play favoritism with in their families ( Family relations, www.visions.org). Mama and Maggie were waiting patiently outside for her daughter Dee to arrive from out of town. Mama knew Maggie was nervous for Dee. Mama sometimes dreamed about that her and Dee were on a reality TV shows and it would be this wonderful mother daughter greeting, showing how grateful Dee is for everything her family has done for her. Mama knew...
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