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Most human beings want to belong to a specific ethnic group. Ethnic identity can serves as a way for use to find a sense of belonging, our history and in some cases ethnic identity aided as a life guide. Our society has negatively changed the way we think of ethnic identities, first from being use as a vehicle to find our culture to being use as a tool to separate. According to, ethnic relates to large groups of people classed according to common racial, national, tribal, religious, linguistic or culture background. The definition of ethnic demonstrates that there are many group of different ethnicity, which can lead to separation and conflicts with outside ethnic groups. In today’s society ethnic identities conflicts among groups can sometimes be taken to the extreme, which in cases like the Rwanda genocide can lead to mass killings and oppression of innocent people. In addition, many individuals afraid of oppression and being harm sometime hide their ethnic identities in order to mix freely and fit in with other people from different ethnic backgrounds without exhibiting in-group bias, being discriminated. The poem Pigeons by David Hernandez supports the idea that ethnic identity will most often be prejudice, leading individual to fall victim to displacement and oppression.
Our ethnic identities have been use as a tool to create displacement between different ethnic groups that have done more harm than good. We are marked with a dark taint that will never go away which because of ethnic identity makes us how we are. Displacement is something harsh for a specific ethnic culture because it shows that the ethnic group being displace is the outcast and is out of the norm. Year ago in the 1990s the according to "T...

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...ities can allow a person to fit in and mix with multiple customs ether for protection, gain relationships, and be more successful. Dual identity in the United States is needed because people need the security of safety from oppression.
The poem Pigeons by David Hernandez acknowledges that the mark created by our ethnic identity can lead us to fall victims of displacement and oppression. The poem by David demonstrates how Hispanics are treated in our society. Ethnic bias can lead different cultures or religions to be outside the norm and must be accepted by our communities, schools and jobs. Ethnic identity closes many doors for adults and children that would otherwise lead to a much safer, successful and happier life. Dual identities don’t fix the problem; it just hides the problem of displacement and oppression by covering it with a thin layer of see through silk.

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