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Q2. If you had $2.5 million would you save a life of a Jew or buy a Lamborghini? Q3. Can Money Buy you Happiness? Q4. Can Money buy you Justice? Q5. Can money buy you care? Q6. If you found a wallet would you return it? Q7. If you need money anxiously than you would do the same thing?(Returning the wallet) Q8. Would you justify this if one person is needy so that he can do unethical practice? Q9. Does society insist the people to go unethical? Q10. Does government playing enough roles in ethical and moral reasoning in the society? Data Analysis With the help of the sample of questionnaires we concluded different results. The question no.1 is money everything? Was answered that 38% of the people selected to answer that money is everything and 62% of them said that money is not everything. Which shows that majority was in favor that money is not everything. Then we asked in question no.2 that if you have $2.5 million would you save the life of a Jew or buy a Lamborghini? It was a shock to see that 50% said Lamborghini and 50% said they would save the life o...
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