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Before I took this class, I merely understand what humanity is about. I took the class as it is prerequisite course that is required; however, when I start learning more about humanity, I found that the course is very interested. Humanity provides me significant knowledge about culture. There are countless cultures around the world. Moreover, no any culture is the same; culture is diverse. Throughout the entire course, I learn more about different cultures such as: Egypt (chapter1), Mesopotamian (chapter1), Greece (chapter 2), Rome (chapter4)... Each culture has its own customs, arts, ideas and beliefs. Also, we can easily see the diversity of culture in a classroom as students come from different countries, have their own mother language and religion. Culture is shared, transmitted and pass on from generation to generation. This is why nowadays we can still see beautiful artworks and architecture of the Egyptians like the Pyramid, or the Ziggurat of the Mesopotamians (chapter1), as well as the first ancient Olympic Game (chapter2), which is linked to Olympic Game today. Furthermore, people can explore cultures through written language, poetry, music or dances as culture is being shared among member of social group. As a result, culture is learned and acquired. Culture is non-instinctive, as each person has to learn through experiences. The course enhances my knowledge about prehistoric cultures as well as the integration and how culture has changed and grew over period of time. Especially, as the growth of more cultures, culture tends toward integration. Culture's value, ideas, rules are adjusted and exchange among others. For example, Romans was taking part of each culture that they conquered then adjusted and created the uni... ... middle of paper ... ...elped to shape human belief systems and values. After finishing this course, I'm prepared and be more perceptive about culture. I am more awared in interacting with new culture. Since, each culture has its own customs and rules, a humorous word or act in my culture could be rude and hostile in other cultures. Moreover, I develop my cultural sensitivity to understand more about other cultures. It helps to adapting new culture while intercultural communicating. Likewise, accepting a new culture could enhance knowledge as well as adopting new ideas while integration. More importantly, being respect is essential, since each culture is unique. Respecting culture different makes it easier for adapting. Overall, this humanity course is not only enhances my knowledge about culture, but also changes my perspective in positive way and prepares me for intercultural adaption.
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