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In the world today so many people are suffering, they are what are considered to be “poor”. Not just poor in wealth, but they can be lacking in faith/spirit. Ordinary Catholics in Latin American discussed and reflected on “How should the church proclaim the love of God to people who live in such inhumane circumstances” (115)? People living in these conditions have had a hard way of life. They have been trampled on by those around them. The poor are pushed further into the depths of the shadow of poverty, as those around them rise up and extend no hand down to them. Institutions and politics in their society drive them into a never ending debt where they cannot resurface on their own, or do not know how to. They have suffered so much in life that it is hard for them not to ask, “If God was real then why do I suffer and my neighbor has everything in life.” When we are poor in spirit and/or poor in wealth it is hard for us not to doubt God. I have been there I have done this. We all make the mistake of when things are good believing in God, but when things are hard we lose our faith so easily and forget that is when he is with us the most. When we lost our faith we forget to carry out God’s word. We do not teach everyone in our as our neighbors because our “neighbors” let us suffer. We lose our way entirely of God’s word and our duty to love, and be one with the world and the people in it. That is where liberation theology comes in. The text best explains this is and the idea’s behind it, “(it is) a way of talking about God (theology) that focuses on God’s desire for humankind to experience freedom (liberation) from every kind of suffering and death. Liberation theology proposes that because forced poverty is offensive to God and ... ... middle of paper ... ... more. Only after these can stop living in a corrupt Society and start living in God’s world, the world for all of us to feel whole. In order for us to feel whole and as one we must not live the luxury life but make sure that everyone, all of our neighbors have the basic needs, we must not push them away but welcome them into society; encourage them to become active participates. This is the only way to connect us as neighbors and to live in the light of God is to save each person from poverty, poor in spirit, sin, and death is to reach out and help those in need. The liberation theology helps us reassess the principles in our world, society, institutions, and even in us. By reaching down and helping the oppressed we can live in the word of God and make sure that all our neighbors have the basic human rights and are aware that God is with them and will save them.

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