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In the continent there are many people suffering from several different problems. A big problem in Africa is the lack of food and materials for these people to live good healthy lives. If we can deliver many supplies for these people’s daily lives and food so they can eat a healthy meal everyday, I believe we could enlighten many African peoples lives. I believe that donating to the UN World Food Programme, Care, and Shining Hope For Communities hopefully can impact many children and adult peoples live in many parts of Africa
The UN World Food Programme’s goal is to help provide food and supplies to areas that there are problems or to areas where something bad occurred of recent. In Africa the average person suffering from poverty spends about one dollar a day. Here in the United States the amount a person spends is over thirty dollars. I cannot imagine how little these people have, and it saddens me to think that everyone always wants more and more but these people in Africa just want something. Here in the United State one dollar can barely buy you a small candy bar, and in Africa...

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