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Reflecting the Academic Journey To Pursue Excellence

People learn by doing or studying in their home, school, society or work field to develop knowledge and skill. Academic institution is one of the environment where people can learn, interact, develop their competencies in a structured and standardised format. In the academic journey, student proceed to the courses and then evaluated by assignment or exam to assess their performance. From this assignment, I just realise most of my learning journey to achieve academic excellence are followed in such way of Zimmerman self-regulatory process (Zimmerman 2002, p.85) which are establish goal, using learning strategies and self monitoring. This self reflection essay itself is the part of self monitoring process.

Establishing Goal
In the first session of Skill Development Workshop (SDW), the facilitator gave me a sheet of paper to wrote my short and long term goal. I was not ready to put the comprehensive goal because I did not realise the importance until the Zimmerman (2002) show its importance to pursue excellence. My company give me scholarship to develop its employee competencies based on academic knowledge according to the organization needs. As a middle manager, my pragmatic goal and motivation to take the scholarship is to develop my professional competence and gain competitive advantage. Using Rokeach Values survey (Rokeach, 1973) at SDW, my preference terminal values is also for personal competence. Most of courses in three semester are to improve my professional competencies related with my work in the Central Bank which are economy, finance and banking. Later, I found this course (MGMT5050) not only improve my problem identification and solving, but also buil...

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...ol and self-regulation level which mastered the last two level are more challenging. I need to mastered self-control and self-regulation level which emphasise in process and outcome subsequently at the same time because stakeholders demand outcome. Before that, first I should integrate knowledge and experience from one and a half years academic journey with my previous 13 years working experiences. Second, business problems become more complex then I should applied and combined appropriate models while considered multi factors before judge a high quality decision.
I have an obligation to share all the knowledge, experience and virtue not only in the workplace, but also in my family as a father and in the society as a responsible citizen. Next, to be an authentic leader and influence people, I should practice virtue consistently in the home, society and workplace.
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