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Today’s world is divided into many groups based on race, religion, jobs, and many other things. It is basically presumed all over the world that a historian’s task is to understand the past even the Question lacks the truth; Historian’s task is not only to understand the past but to discover it, study it, tell it to other people, give facts that make it right, this introduces the 1st area of knowledge of the essay history, it is not the past, but rather the understanding and study of it is history. While the past is debatable history is its perspective, as clearly said by Whitney Brown “The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down”, for example: Aurangzeb in Indian’s history is a Mughal ruler who is thought to be bad but in the perspective of a true believer he is a ruler who didn’t made the mistake which his forefather made and as a Muslim he cared for the Muslims not the Hindus. Human sciences on the other hand is about human behavior, this science is not exactly backed up by rational theories but simply based on empirical observation. It observes human behaviors to arrive at the result, hence introducing my 2nd area of knowledge Human sciences: Sociology. The difference between both the areas of knowledge is very clique so both the area of knowledge can be well related, while history is related with our past, human science is related to us.
Understanding the past and changing the future don’t they depend on each other? Maybe it is a stupid question but a debatable question. Do we change the future by developing new things or by working on the old ones which went wrong in the past, the past policies or experiments may have turned out to be bad but when you think of it haven’t they provided us with the t...

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... and hence they lost the war and USA became the new super power, USA had the money and the resources to give to their people, the people had everything they needed to survive food, shelter, money, etc. but today USA is also facing the same problem as USSR did in the past they are also on a road heading towards downfall as a super power, as I said earlier as a super power expectation are high, so expectation of people depends on countries economic and social values and the recent mortgage debts and the shutting down of the United States government proves the lack of social structure, and so would rise a new superpower from other corner of the world, BRIC “Brazil, Russia, India, China” is predicted to be the next superpowers on the Earth, so history here is repeating and I guess it would go on and on and thus always deciding people fate, their social value and ethics.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the first area of knowledge of the essay history is not the past, but the understanding and study of it is history.
  • Opines that understanding the past and changing the future don't depend on each other.
  • Opines that history repeats itself and based on human actions it does so. the struggle for power is on and would never stop even if peace is attained.
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