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Psychotherapy is a tool that is used to treat psychological disorders as well as mental distresses. It has been a support for many individuals over the years. Psychotherapy consists of a variety of treatment methodologies spanning psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral and humanistic therapies. Psychotherapy can be delivered to patients via trained professionals like clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and social workers (website). Even though opinion clashes are abundant between psychotherapists, they unanimously believe that psychotherapy is undoubtedly effective. However, there is a considerable amount of debate about the effectiveness of psychotherapy. It is important to analyze the accuracy of such claims because it directly affects health, education and economy of the society. Every year, public funds are directed towards the improvement of psychotherapy assuming that it is a fundamental element in health sector. Thus, it is imperative to address this issue. Scientists have looked into specific disorders and found out that psychotherapy can cure patients while some were able to discover flaws in researches that showed negative influence of psychotherapy. Moreover, patients’ feedbacks have clearly shown the positive impact of psychotherapy emphasizing that it is indeed effective. Two studies were conducted to assess the efficacy of psychotherapy in particularly two psychological disorders. One of them examined the effectiveness of psychotherapy on patients who suffered from severe Somatoform disorders. Patients were selected from secondary and tertiary care and were divided into two treatment conditions. In one condition participants received psychotherapy while the other condition received treatment as usual (TA... ... middle of paper ... ...nts in the short term. However, mental heath professionals were able to stabilize their patients in the long term. Thus, psychotherapy used by mental health professionals clearly shows notable effectiveness. This clearly shows that psychotherapy is very effective. In view of above, it is evident that psychotherapy is not ineffective. Studies have confirmed that it contributes to speedy recovery in mental illnesses like personality and somatoform disorders. Studies of Eyesenck and Levitt presented some evidence to show that psychotherapy is ineffective. However, certain weaknesses in their study structure and results demands further research on this issue in order to make a strong case against the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Moreover, consumers of psychotherapy have responded positively towards treatment they received promoting the benefits of psychotherapy.

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