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In this critical reflective essay I will address how a performance can be used as a mean for activism and I will focus on the different ways of putting it into practice for various causes. I will provide two contradicting examples to unpack the problematics of the usage of theatre activism. Defining activism is important aspect of understanding its complexity: Activism is a vigorous and sometimes aggressive action in pursuing a political or social end” – Microsoft ENCARTA Dictionary (ph.)A theory that the essence of reality is pure activity, especially spirital activity, or process. - Wolrd English Dictionary Who is an activist in our society? What is really activism and does it make a change? Activism takes place everywhere on the street, on the internet, in formal and informal settings. But how effective is it? Nowadays, our perception of activism is bent. People perceive themselves as change-makers, socially engaged or political activists, because they share a publication, an image or sign an online document but is this a vigorous activity that provokes action or is more about satisfying our needs to feel helpful or even just to present us a Conformism plays crucial role here, activism is about people taking action of their will on an issue that intrigues them, on injustice that upsets them. It is not to be a Das Man*, part of the masses and to act because one is pushed to do so. The root of the word activist is act, as in the actor, both words having the same root, about an action But what is really to be an activist and does really activism aim is only to provoke action or goes beyond this simple definition. Isn’t it about questioning the current status quo, self-criticizing, unveiling the problems in a society and trying... ... middle of paper ... ...nborn children”. This type of theatre has not only have negative impacts but is reinforcing stereotypes, wrong beliefs. This play is pontentioanlly a powerfool to for manipulation. Relying on its emotional aspects, the play wants to provoke empathy and In some ways conservative theatre is an oxymoron...which is not to say it doesn't exist, just that the word conservative doesn't go with the idea of theatre. When I think of the word conservative, I think of certain constricting values that exclude instead of including which I think is why there isn't a lot of conservative theatre. Even the work required to sit and watch a theatrical piece involves a certain openness and going to the theatre is about putting yourself in front of something unpredictable that has not been vetted by any rating system or governing board and being open to the effect it may have on you.

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