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Life Lessons
From reading the novel “Wisdom of the Last Farmer” written by David Mas Masumoto was about his experiences as an organic farmer. David had help created a better understanding for the pleasure of discovering the meaning of life lessons. Family, nature, and farming are the three category that helped contribute toward David life lessons. Family helped shape David into discovering life lessons as he shared bonds and experiences with his family. Nature had lesson David to work hard to achieve in life. Farming had played a big role for David as he experiences risk-taking farming life style. I have been foster by the life lessons that David stumbled across with family, nature and farming.
Initially, the first life lessons that David experiences was with family, which had helped David to understand the meaning of life within family. David have help me understand the meaning of life behind family. Family is something that will leave a learning lesson from generation to generation as David grandparents and parents had taught him. David grandparents emigrated from Japan and learned how to adapt to new foreign changes. That was something that David father had learned from his Father and later teaches David. Family had given David a learning lesson about adapting to changes in life. Both of David grandpas immigrated and adapted to the foreign land to start a new meaning of life. David family had made him learned about adapting to changes as his grandparents did when they immigrated to the U.S.A. There was also hardship which David family faces from being place into internment camp, but his family teaches him how to adapt to the changes and being patient with life changes. Family faces hardship together from lif...

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... have make me learn about taking chance and risk in life. The life lesson from David as farmer have made me realize about chances that may seem difficult, but taking that risk can lead to a new beginning.
Finally David life lessons as an organic farmer had encourage me about my possibility of to be like him from the lessons he had learned and shown in his life experienced. Life learning lesson have help me understand a better view that family, nature, and farming can be apply toward life. David family experiences helped shape him from the lesson his family had taught him. His life lesson journey with nature had helped him to accept. David motivation toward farming had created a lesson about risk-taking and chances in life. Family, nature, and farming had help created a lesson of life which David had learned and apply in his life experiences.
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