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Much debate generates how large of an impact nuclear weapons have on international relations. After being introduced, nuclear weapons have present a consistent dilemma. Proliferation and non-proliferation remain at the height of the discussions. Currently the United States and Russia hold nearly all nuclear weapons that exist; tallying over 16000 between the two . The United States and Russia are by far the dictators of the world in terms of nuclear weapons. The thought of an ultimate goal of complete absence of nuclear weapons has been an aspiring idea to many on an international level. If such a feat were to ever be reached, it would need to begin with the United States and Russia. Deeper reductions between the two would need explored. However there are pros and cons that support both sides of the idea.
“A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for us all”, Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on nuclear weapons. Why did she say this? Nuclear weapons have the potential to wipe out cities and lead to the death of many innocent civilians. These devastating forces have only been used less than a handful of times. The mindset that nuclear weapons pose go far beyond the usage, rather striking fear into government and military figures . Just having possession of this type of weapon of mass destruction escalates a state into an elite club of the world. Nuclear Weapons have caused the world sixty-seven years and counting of peace . A quote by Present Barack Obama, “Make no mistake: As long as these weapons exist, the United States will maintain a safe, secure, and effective arsenal to deter any adversary and guarantee that defense to our allies.” A state does not want to atta...

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... Russia are still pre-occupied with a Cold War mindset, but the times of nuclear weapons are now, but the past. The threat of nuclear retaliation to attack is no longer an issue between the relationship of Russia and the United States. Both states know the either side could destroy its opponent’s population centers .
The United States and Russia use nuclear weapons as a deterrent. Combined, both countries have majority of the nuclear weapons at their disposal. This is what gravitates the United States and Russia to an elite level. Maintaining their degree of status in this class requires many resources and time. Do states need such destructive weapons to claim superpower status? Currently there are reductions being taken to reduce both states’ nuclear arsenal. It is a slow and nauseating process, but there is hope that one day a nuclear free world would exist.

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