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When speaking about imagination, thoughts of poetry and the arts come up in an individual’s mind. In contrast, when thinking about scientific, or rational thought, ideas of a cold concept filled with facts on how the world works comes to mind and leaves no room for creative thought. Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi, uses the differences between these two concepts as the main crux throughout the novel. First reading though the novel, one may think Martel is against those who prefer rational thoughts, at one point calling reason “dry, yeastless factuality” and clamming the animal story to be ‘the better one’, but his main character Pi does not just live a life filled of fantasy or complete scientific thought, but instead a life of balance.
Martel’s character Pi does not live a life completely bias to either imagination or rationality, in fact throughout the novel, Pi finds ways in which he is able to balance both rational and imaginative thought. Martel uses Pi to show readers that one cannot live a life focused solely on either imagination or rationality, but instead a person must ...

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