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My academic career in high school wasn’t exactly what you would call the smoothest journey, but one thing I can confidently say is that it prepared me for college. Through all the all complicated tests, tight schedules, and the heavy loads of work I realize that I didn’t necessarily have to be a decorated student to understand the message. However that is only one of the few reasons I believe I did well in my first at college; ultimately it was more of a psychological drive that kept me pushing through thick and thin. During graduation I was under the depressing belief that this day would probably be the last day I ever see some of my friends ever again. While sitting in the front row during the graduation ceremony I was able to see a good amount of students walk by with special cords resting on their shoulders signifying some sort of achievement; the weight around my shoulders was practically nonexistent, unless you want to count the robe. As much as I hate to say it, I was envious that they would all still be together when they move out to attend to college. If there was one thing I didn’t enjoy it was being alone, but that ironically worked out to my advantage. With no friends to socialize with in person, I had nothing to do but work and explore new interests. I eventually started putting my academic priorities over my friends when they came back to visit; as cold as it may sound, I had to get the feeling of work off my chest in order to be truly relaxed. As I have heavily implied, I wasn’t a great student in high school. Seeing grades get passed back I was always prepared for either a failing or barely passing grade, and I was usually right. This led to me becoming paranoid and very pessimistic. I would begin to doubt my aca... ... middle of paper ... ...dn’t accomplish much of anything in high school I finally woke up by realizing I couldn’t mess up on my last chance at redemption. I came having no friends for to depend on, a very pessimistic mindset, and horrible persistence on pushing myself to things I wasn’t ready for; now I am confident enough on my own abilities and what they can be applied towards. After my first semester I made nearly all A’s, was recommended into “The Honors College” at Lone Star, and was named to the President’s List. This might not mean much to other students, but for me it was like breaking the chains that were holding back a potential that has yet to have been entirely expanded upon. To make a long story short, I am the type of person who will find a way to get things done by going through any obstacle that stands in my way to reach my goal, and my goal right now is to become an Aggie.
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