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Our project will consist of the type of math , or the way math will be used or is used by the way people are using the abacus instead of a calculator. we will first explain how the abacus is used and how at times it’s better than a calculator. then we will speak of how it increases knowledge and increase your skill in math. we will add pictures to show how this abacus works. we will basically talk about how the abacus works and what it does and what it can do and how it affects math and how it affects people. The abacus is a equipment that was used back in the day that was referred to as a calculator to people who needed to do math but couldn't use their fingers it was similar to a calculator to what we use today.This piece of equipment was used back in the day when they were trying to use complicated math. The use of this calculator or abacus was used by moving pieces of beads up and down to figure out a number without using your head or fingers. The most basic abacus is split into two basic columns. The first row on top was based on the 5,s and the bottom row below the 5’s was based on 1 through 5 all throughout that column and throughout that row. Every columns represents a different digit, such as units, tens hundreds, thousands, etc. Its still used today all around the world , and even people who are blind use it. Experts who use special abacus sometimes do math quicker than using a calculator, and they can even find the square root of a whole number by using this abacus. The abacus is useful but not only just for show or just show but to improve calculation skills , it enhances concentration , patience and memory.It doesn't just help you understand math but it boosts your mental skills and ability to understand faster... ... middle of paper ... ...n from a greek word abax , it just means a flat service , because the first abacus was a flat service board or table with pebbles so it was called abacus. Around 300 b.c.e people have found that the babylonians had something sort of like the abacus. people have found plenty of abacus in plenty different places or countries or other places that we as people didn't know about or as for us we wouldn't think they'd be there at a certain time period. They have found all type of abacus all around the world small , big , with different labels and etc. but they the early found abacuses were the smallest because in ancient times they built them from scratch or made from whatever they could find around them so that they wouldn't have trouble using their fingers , but now that theirs calculators its way easier to figure out math rather than getting the knowledge of the abacus.
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