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Herbal skincare is a time honored practice. Throughout human history, herbs have been used internally and externally to change the body in many ways. Each herb has a different effect on the body.

Some are helpful for skin care. These herbs can be used to help reverse the effects of aging, to heal blemished or broken skin or to smooth cellulite. Some herbs go further, and can heal the body itself.

Skin and the Body

A person's skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the organ that works to cleanse the blood of many toxins and the body of excess water. It maintains the body in a state of comfort no matter the temperature outside through a complex system of fatty installation and sweat glands.

The skin excretes its waste materiel onto the surface where it is washed off. We call this sweat. It is made up of salts, fats, extra water and body hormones. The process is constant and natural.

The skin can also absorb materials that are placed upon it. It functions as a membrane to allow helpful materials to enter the body. Sometimes, the skin simply absorbs a substance to help it heal and repair itself locally. Other times, the skin uptakes and sends the substance into the blood stream where it can affect the rest of the body.

Herbal Products on the Skin

Naturally helpful herbs can be put onto the skin to heal the body. Skin-based herbal treatments are often used for a number of reasons. Direct skin application is one of the best ways to get local effects on the body. If a person wishes to decrease the amount of wrinkling or other disfigurements then they will often directly treat the skin that they wish to improve.

Age causes wrinkling, dark spots and sagging. Topical herbal treatments can temporarily, or sometimes, ne...

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... cream, facial treatments and body lotions has been tested by time. Products made with it are known to be refreshing and cool on the skin. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that work against psoriasis, acne, eczema and seborrhea. When it comes to skin care, bergamot is one of the best herbs around.

Jojoba Oil

With properties very similar to human sebum oil (the body's helpful natural protective oils), jojoba is one of the best herbs for use on the skin. The seeds of this hardy plant contain a liquid wax that is often referred to as an oil. It is a gentle oil, able to penetrate into the skin to improve its health. It moisturizes without clogging, healing the effects of aging. It also has been used to soothe inflammatory symptoms of blemishes. Jojoba's main power lies in the ability to re-moisturize and soothe, not in its other helpful properties.
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