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Fatherhood Knows No Bounds
In the novel East of Eden, John Steinbeck expresses different techniques of fathering through Cyrus Trask and Samuel Hamilton. Cyrus, who emotionally detaches from his children, creates strong, but fearful men. While Samuel provides love and wisdom, thus forming enthusiasts. Steinbeck juxtaposes the parenting styles of these men explicating the prosperities of love and compassion towards ones children. Steinbeck juxtaposes these parenting styles explicating the prosperities of love. Even in dire circumstances, Cyrus instills a sense of strength and positivity to his sons. Cyrus’ harsh compassion gives them a fighting chance and helps the boys through hard times. Their punishments including, “overwork and a false theatrical humility” helping them hold humbleness when pride begins leaking into their minds but become angered easily.(32) This builds an immunity to neglect from experiencing it in their younger lives. However, the strength each boy needs comes from the lack of solicitude, creating harsh men. Only Cyrus’s teachings train them, “physically and mentally” which he strives for and achieves through fear.(21) Nevertheless, this creates disdain in their hearts. Knowledge given to them by him, creates a set of guidelines each son follows and lives by. These create men who tower over Cyrus and put him in the shadow of his sons.
Furthermore, Adam and Charles’ father help the boys in their later lives by imbedding ideals into their minds. Cyrus constructs a place where he escapes and Adam develops a familiarity with it as well and hides there when he does not “want to go home”, this is the war.(51). Each generation of Trasks’ hides in the war, escaping their problems. Although, at times hiding is worse...

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...ove as necessary and maintains its presence in every relationship, especially family, and when neglect enters his family devastation engulfs. His heart, full with compassion morphs from contented to melancholic. More so, this creates an aura around Samuel of which he is not accustomed and becomes increasingly pitiful.
Nonetheless maintains the father figure of a wise man even after his death.
Both parenting techniques give admirable attributes to their children yet, Samuel equips his children with better skills for their lives and treats them with a love in which they hold dear to them. Each father holds a large role in the lives of their children and impacts the way they think, speak, and understand. The children of these distinct fathers live lives with vehemence and leave memorable imprints on even their acquaintances because of the compassion of their fathers.
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