enlightenment in Germany

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Germany is one of many countries that embraced the enlightenment during the revolutionizing and expanding 19th and 20th centuries. Many things tied into why they are thought to embrace it such as; people (philosophers and writers), historic events, art, and music from that time period. One philosopher in particular contributed greatly to this advancement, and his name is Immanuel Kant. His works such as “Answering the question: What is Enlightenment?” and his widely known; three critiques, influenced many people at the nearing conclusion of the enlightenment.

Immanuel Kant is continued to be recognized as the ‘central figure of modern philosophy’ (especially in Germany). At the point of his greatest achievements and popularity he successfully effected and swayed the opinions about the enlightenment for much of the German population. “Answering the question: What is Enlightenment?” is one of the most famous works of philosophy pertaining to the furthering of the enlightenment movement. Within this brilliantly written essay Immanuel Kant explains the preconditions needed to become ...
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