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It is a common tradition among Native American people to tell stories to younger generations in an effort to pass down their history, since documentation of events is not a characteristic of Native American culture. In this way, not only can common themes and qualities of the Native American people are taught to the younger generations, but also to people of other ethnicities. In Love Medicine, stories are told through various characters’ perspectives to gain insight on the common themes which are presented in the Native American culture. In this novel, there is one character in particular named Gerry Nanapush who encompasses many qualities of the Native American Chippewa tribe, and is therefore an iconic figure, representative of the Native Americans living on Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota. Some of the ways in which Gerry is representative of the Native American culture are from his androgynous characteristics, trickster nature, and that he doesn’t plan out his life. First, there are several instances throughout the novel in which Gerry is described with very feminine qualities. Although he is a male, by possessing these additional female qualities, Gerry shows a balance in his persona that is representative of all of the Native American people in this story. “It was the hands I watched as Gerry filled the shack. His plump fingers looked so graceful and artistic against his smooth mass. He used them prettily” (Edrich 205). Edrich describes Gerry in this way to show that he is not just a manly-man; Gerry has a softer feminine side which is representative of the female aspect of society as well. When Gerry was escaping from the police officers, his actions were again described in a very feminine way, despite... ... middle of paper ... ...amination of Enid Stevick`s initiation into sex, love, womanhood and, finally, adulthood, is densely emotional and dramatically staged; it`s also imbalanced. We`re taken on lengthy walks through Enid`s anxious mind, and most of the characters around her are given generous psychological dimensions. But Enid`s incestuous uncle, Felix, remains for the most part curiously opaque-and frustratingly so, because the plot depends on the girl`s obsession with him. Oates` literary heart lies with 19th-Century English and American authors, as evidenced by the sentimentally tinged realism of her writing and her somewhat formal style. In ``You Must Remember This`` she creates an interesting hybrid: her narrative is formal-sometimes interrupted by flights of stream of consciousness-but her characters are frankly colloquial, even contemporary (though the book is set in the 1950s).

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