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Digital communication has changed the way that we speak but is this change beneficial and positive or is it negative and as a consequence destructive to the English language negative?
Digital communication has become ubiquitous in the previous 10 or so years; as technology has advanced so has the method of communication. Digital communication has adapted from spoken language and have similar linguistic features. The majority of people now have mobile phone on which they can text (SMS) one another. On the other hand there is online communication such as e-mails and social messaging; all of these are efficient ways of communication nowadays. Are way that people communicate via these new methods are manipulating the English language? As Michael Deacon from the Telegraph quotes ‘Texting is making English a foreign language’ and goes to extremes of saying that ‘text language is raping our language’ on the other hand David Crystal who is pro ‘text language’ states that this is evolution of the English language, others say that texting improves literacy in children.
Emoticons are commonly used in text messaging to replace the facial gestures that we make while we talk created my using punctuation. As in example 10 I say that I don’t know how to use twitter therefore I express with an unhappy emoticon, which would be the same in contextual speak you would express an unhappy face if you didn’t know how to do something. Then in the next message (11) she replies with an ‘okay’ and a happy emoticon which reveals that she knows how to use Twitter.
This shows that Digital communication relies on facial expressions for meaning, this replaces the interactional aspect of spoken language.
The next common linguistic feature are number and letter ...

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...say ‘okay brb’ brb standing for ‘be right back’ this a common acronym that is widely used even in spoken language nowadays. This contracts the phrase into a couple of letters and can be useful for texting.
Generally young people use the techniques above as it is them that have created the language and will be them as ‘they can’t be bothered’ as an editor from the telegraph publishes. On the other hand many adults are getting use to this obscure language.
Digital communication has and is positively changing the English language. Over the recent years digital communication linguistic features has merged into the way that we daily speak and communicate and will continue to in the future .the main features used make typewriting much more efficient and effective. But as QWERTY keyboards are more common many criticize this. In my opinion ‘text language’ is yet to evolve!
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