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Romeo and Juliet Essay In the play of William Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliet” a pair of star crossed lovers from the feuding families “Capulet’s” and “Montague’s” marry but then turns to the tragic resolution of ending their lives for the love of one another. Friar Lawrence is partly to blame for his actions led up to the tragic death by giving a teenage girl potion to use to fake her death so that she can be with her love of her life. He trusted someone else with a letter that contained very important information inside as well as leaving Juliet in the tomb alone when she woke up. Marriage was forced on Juliet at a young age for this is how the society worked in those days; Juliet was young and was not ready to get married and should have been given the choice of who she gets to marry. The feud between the Montague’s and Capulet’s meant that Juliet wasn’t even allowed to go near a Montague let alone get married to one. Friar Lawrence made a very big mistake that he could have prevented, he gave potion to a girl who had fallen in love in a matter of days. His idea was a very ruthless and in the situation that Juliet was in he could have gone in many different directions. He was a father figure to Romeo and Juliet and should have had the courage to tell Juliet to listen to her parents and respect her father’s decisions. Believing that friar john would be able to get the letter to Romeo immediately without even telling him that this was urgent was Friar Lawrence’s next misprint. If Friar Lawrence sent the letter himself or informing Romeo himself, the plan may have been successful, he said himself "The letter was not nice but full of charge, of dear import, and the neglecting it may do much danger." (5.2.18-20) Neglecting Juliet w... ... middle of paper ... ... of complications in it. Friar Lawrence actions were mostly to blame. He gave Juliet potion to fake her death so she can be with the man she loves and not listen to her parents. He trusted someone else with a letter, which included all the important information Romeo had to know, and he left Juliet alone in the tomb when he could of told Romeo that her death was a plan. Society pressured and made it seem okay for the lovers to get married, it made them think that it was okay that you can get married in a short amount of days. Last of all the feud of the Capulet and Montague’s didn’t let their love have a chance at all. Romeo and Juliet weren’t allowed to go out together and get to know each other better because they were under control and there parents would not allow them to see each other. Overall the love of Romeo and Juliet was unlucky and was very hazardous.

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