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Throughout time Shakespeare has influenced society in many ways. He has been a great inspiration to literature, plays, painters, movies and language. Many of his plays and poems have been required as a part of liberal education. His idea’s on such subjects as heroism, romantic love, and the nature of tragedy have shaped the attitudes of millions of people and influenced their thinking.
Shakespeare contributed greatly to the English speaking language. Many phrases and words from Shakespeare’s poems and plays have become apart of our everyday speech. Millions of people that use his words or phrases are unaware they are created by him. Some common words he has invented are assassination, bump, eventful, and disgraceful conduct. Shakespeare introduced almost 3,000 words into the Oxford English Dictionary. There are over 1700 common words of Shakespeare origin in our everyday vocabulary. The most rapid growth of vocabulary in the recorded history of language was the period of Shakespeare. Due to his inventiveness and creative word play he has had the greatest impact on our daily vocabulary. Many people quote Shakespeare almost everyday without knowing it. If a person doesn’t understand my argument and the one party state’s “It’s Greek to me”, or if someone has ever “Refused to budge an inch”, they are quoting excerpts of Shakespeare. Many people re-sight lines from Shakespeare’s plays without even reading them. One of the most famous lines is “To be or not to be.” He experimented with all sorts of words and phrases to create vivid pictures in the mind. Shakespeare helped shape many English speaking countries. He often invented and changed words around. Some of Shakespeare’s words may be confusing or unfamiliar to
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many of the modern readers. However, many of the words he had employed are no longer being used.
Since Shakespeare’s death he has influenced every generation of writers, painters and still has some impact on contemporary plays. Many rhetoric devices were used in his work, that writers are often using now. Some familiar ones are alliteration, which is the same sound being repeated in a line or group of lines and repetition, which is when something repeats itself. He often used a lot of imagery, which many writers found useful. With imagery writers were able to create excitement. Shakespeare’s Macbeth was one of the famous and brilliant examples of imagery. There are many paintings from Macbeth that have been done by some of the best artist.
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