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I have been motivated to explore and learn how to write in English. My academic and personal experiences forced me to learn English. I thought writing was the same everywhere. I consider myself a good amateur of Spanish writing. I used to write letters to companies to Latin American ministers and presidents, so I’m usually very confident about my writing. Then, I met Mr. Callaway and what English writing really means. First thing I learned from English 081 is that as a writer, you can always improve. Before English 081, annotating and scratching was the same thing to me. I underestimated how important it is to highlight the places where the author explains and emphasizes the issue. When it came to the author’s idea I didn’t have any desire to know more about it. I was selfish and didn’t have any openness to different thinking than mine. Mr. Callaway taught me how significant it is to be aware of the author’s argument in order for me to take a position. I will never forget rhetorical contexts. In fact, every time I see a triangle I think about it. I understand this is the key to wr...
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