end of life

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Coping with a terminal illness or having someone in your family that has a terminal illness is a very difficult thing to address. These things usually come up unexpectedly and we are never prepared for something like this. When you first hear of your terminal illness you might feel isolated and even numb to the world. People are usually not comfortable with talking about their own problems but when you are experiencing something like this the best thing you can do is talk about it. There are pros and cons that come with assisted suicide and no one can ever really tell what they would do until they are in the situation. If someone in my family had a terminal illness I personally feel that I would assist my family member in whatever decision they chose. I think that if you have a terminal illness you should have the decision to do whatever you would like. If you are experiencing a lot of pain and you believe you are ready to die I think you should have that right. When you are diagnosed with a terminal illness there are many stages that you go through until you accept what is happenin...
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