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Author Jane Austen
Title Emma
Publisher Everyman’s Library Cop.
London. 1991
First published in 1816
Motto The book does not have a motto.

I chose this book because I read Pride and Prejudice and I absolutely loved it. My mother told me Jane Austen wrote another book like it called ‘Emma’, and I decided to try it.
I expected the story to be about the life of a young woman from the middle or rich upper-class living in England in the 19th century. This is also why I chose the book; I’m really interested in that time and the way people were then.

Short summary
After her beloved governess, Miss Taylor, leaves Hartfield to become Mrs. Weston, Emma Woodhouse finds herself in need of a friend. The answer is Harriet Smith, a girl of questionable origins whom Emma decides to improve. Emma sets Harriet up with Mr. Elton and she is very surprised when Mr. Elton reveals that he loves her, not Harriet. Emma, offended at the idea, refuses him.

Then the son of Mr. Weston, Frank Churchill, arrives in town. The Westons secretly hope he and Emma will become attached. Emma is at first attracted to the handsome young man, but she loses interest after his first visit. The Eltons return to town, and Emma and Harriet must suffer under the vain and self-important Mrs. Elton

When Frank Churchill returns Emma imagines that Harriet would be a much better match for the young man. At a ball, however, Emma is the one who dances with Mr.Churchill and Harriet dances with Mr. Knightley.
Not much later Mrs. Weston reveals to Emma that Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax had been secretly attached and are now engaged. Emma reassures them that she does not love Frank Churchill, but she fears for Harriet. Harriet is not distressed by the news. She does not love Mr. Churchill, she is in love with Mr. Knightley. Hearing this makes Emma realize that she loves Mr. Knightley too. Uncertain what to do, Emma sends Harriet away, to give herself time to think. During her absence, Mr. Knightley returns from London, fearing how Emma will handle the news of Frank Churchill's engagement. Finding her undisturbed and not in love, Mr. Knightley tells Emma he loves her, and she returns his love.

Emma's only worry now is how Harriet will react when Emma tells her she is engaged to Mr. Knightley, but luckily the worrying doesn’t last long.
Harriet meets Mr.
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