emergence of the internet

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The Internet and the emergence of the Internet news media are affecting the delivery of media content. Many argue that the traditional media is changing the way they report the news. Internet news sites are also affecting the types of stories that gain the most attention because in this day and age people want news that is entertaining. The delivery of media is changing rapidly because of the Internet and it’s easy access to it.
In the world of journalism there has always been traditional rules that are followed before any information is dispersed to the public. Some of the most common rules to be followed include checking and crosschecking sources, following the standards of editing, language and grammar. The new technology of the Internet is geared toward speed, an aspect that has always been an important part of journalism, but not always the most important part. Traditional journalism sorts the good information from bad. With the invention of the Internet, information is posted immediately and sources are not always confirmed.
When the radio was invented Americans were really impressed by it and how the news was available at all hours. Soon. Twenty-four hour news networks were developed and news was delivered every hour on the hour, but still that wasn’t enough for the general public. Eventually news oriented World Wide Web sites began to be created. These sites number in the thousands and continue to grow rapidly. As we speak and begin to take in the volume of information, people are developing methods to bring the news faster to people at home, in the office or on the go. In ancient times news would be broadcasted at certain hours on television with broadcasters and a weatherman. Now it seems that soon this is going to be out dated and all we need to do is click a button and right in front of your face is the latest news stories. Another traditional way news was delivered was a newspaper. Today people are realizing that it’s expensive to print and deliver a quality paper in high fidelity to your home. There is also limited space where stories can be written and advertisers are able to put in ads. The Internet is endless, space is abundant and availability is infinite. Journalists have come to realize that it’s much easier to make one page of content on the web then to have it printed up. Newspapers are willing to give up accuracy for the speed ...

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...he emergence of the Internet can have its downside also. Many times you can have a problem signing on or the news site that you wanted to explore could be down or under construction. Web sites track what users do as they click from page to page which can be a disadvantage to viewing these sites. They can direct a site to provide personalized layouts, shopping carts, and search options each time you return to the site. They can alert advertisers to put specific customized ads tied to your interests on the pages you visit. That is some down falls to using the Internet, but no matter how you look at it there are down falls to everything no body is perfect.
The Internet is taking over all of are lives. No matter where we look we see something that relates to the Internet. It’s taking all the old customs of news reporting and creating all new ones. The emergence of the Internet has made news reporting a lot easier and accessible for the public. The world of media is accepting that the Internet is the next step in reporting and realizing that most college students are getting the news online. News media is going to be a changing culture because of all the new ways to deliver stories.
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